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  • Cap Bottle Opener

    Open Capbottles safely. It is mainly the small everyday objects that seem to present unsurmountable obstacles. Besides being small, such objects are often slippery and unhandy, rendering every desperate attempt to ultimately open a screw top to failure. This failure is often due to the limited combined forces of the thumb and index finger. This is the right occasion to use the MeropeStyle® Screw – CapBottleOpener, successfully using the force of almost any finger of the hand, forcing the stubborn screw top to surrender and open.

  • UniRest ®

    Meniscal surgeries and the treatment of fractures or inflammations of the knee joint involve immobilisation over a longer period of time. Depending on the complaints, the knee is immobilised in a 0° position. During the rehabilitation period, the brace can still be worn at night.

The company Anapliotis – Medical is the successor company of Merope – Healthcare GmbH and continues the old proven 1 part knee braces.