MeropeStyle ® – Pediatric VarioRest®

Adaptable to practically any size. Babies and infants cannot understand that medical devices need to stay in place. Therefore it is necessary in certain cases to immobilise arms and hands, e.g. to prevent arm infusions from being torn out by sudden motions and to make sure the infant cannot grab foreign bodies. The splint can also be used for stabilising and immobilising the elbow, for instance in cases of rheumatic diseases or sprains. The affected arm remains accessible at all times, as the MeropeStyle® Pediatric ArmControl™ can be put on and taken off easily.


The splint is especially useful in cases of brittle bones. Furthermore the infant cannot put medical devices into his or her mouth, as these cannot be reached when the splint is attached to the arm.

Moreover, the splint can be used for immobilising the arms during X-rays and other examinations. The MeropeStyle® Pediatric ArmControl™ immobilisation splint is available in four sizes for infants as well as for babies and premature infants. All versions are washable after the plastic bars have been removed. Therefore the splint can be reused as often as desired.




  • Immobilisation of arms and hands
  • Ecotest-certifierd, skin-friendly material
  • Washable



  • blue/coloured


Available Sizes


OP10100 XSmall 14,0 cm 25 cm 18 cm
OP10200 Small 19,0 cm 28 cm 22 cm
OP10300 Medium 24,0 cm 31 cm 24 cm

UAC – Upper arm circumference
WC – Wrist circumference
AC – Ancon circumference