UniRest ®

Meniscal surgeries and the treatment of fractures or inflammations of the knee joint involve immobilisation over a longer period of time. Depending on the complaints, the knee is immobilised in a 0° position. During the rehabilitation period, the brace can still be worn at night.


The UniRest® – Knee brace supports and immobilises the knee joint postoperatively and after early removal of plaster bandages. It enhances rehabilitation and can be put on and taken off easily. The Velcro closures of the one-piece knee brace allow for optimal adjustment to the patient’s leg. The affected joint is accessible at any time, which offers a significant benefit over plaster bandages.

Comfort and safety: Due to the large contact zone between brace and leg, the MeropeStyle® – UniRest® – Knee brace is comfortable to wear. It neither slips nor causes compression marks. The inside is made of skin-friendly terry cloth; the breathable upper material balances temperature and moisture. The integrated anatomically-designed aluminium bars safely stabilise the knee joint, providing complete immobilisation.

The MeropeStyle® – UniRest® – Knee brace can always be combined with compression bandages. The brace is available in 4 sizes,  50 or 60 cm in length, in a straight (0°) version. The point of reference is always 20 cm above the patella.


  • Rheumatic complaints, sprain
  • Muscular or ligament injury
  • Knee surgery
  • Meniscal suture


  • Safe stabilisation of the knee joint
  • Immobilises the leg in a 0° position
  • Can be combined with compression bandages
  • Easy to put on using Velcro closures
  • The brace can be fully opened
  • Ecotest-certified, skin-friendly material

Circumference/Order Sizes:

One-piece knee brace, 0°

ART NO Grösse Länge OU WU Seite
OS95001 Small 50 cm 59 cm 49 cm universal
OS95002 Medium 50 cm 64 cm 54 cm universal
OS95003 Large 50 cm 69 cm 59 cm universal
OS95004 Xlarge 50 cm 74 cm 64 cm universal

TC: Upper leg circumference
CC: Calf circumference
KC: Knee circumference

Device No: / 0°