MeropeStyle® – VarioRest®

Every leg has a different shape, depending on the size and weight of each individual patient. Some manufacturers therefore offer customised braces, which involves a high amount of work and effort, consequently leading to high cost. However, no evidence has been provided concerning the therapeutic benefit of such customised braces. Therefore ready-made adjustable braces represent a reasonable solution, both from the therapeutic and from the economic point of view. Nowadays meniscus injuries and cruciate ligament ruptures are often treated via an arthroscopic approach, which requires two tiny incisions only. Compared to open surgery, arthroscopies carry a reduced risk and preserve a maximum of tissue. One of the tiny incisions is made for the camera lens which provides an insight into the affected joint. The other incision serves as a pathway for the minimally-invasive instruments used to conduct the surgical intervention. Despite these small incisions, all surgical steps are performed as usual. For immobilisation during the first days after surgery we recommend the MeropeStyle® VarioRest® knee brace, our particularly flexible immobilisation brace.


Just like the MeropeStyle® UniRest™ knee brace, the MeropeStyle® VarioRest® knee brace was designed to support and immobilise the knee joint in straight or flexed positions. Due to the large contact zone of leg and brace the VarioRest® remains comfortable, even after long use. The skin is optimally protected by the ecotest-certified material of the brace. With its 3-part design, continuous adjustability and lateral Velcro closures allowing for individual adjustment to the upper and lower leg, the brace is both economic and effective and fits every anatomy. It is even storage-friendly, since the universal size saves space in the storage room and thus also cost. After the first adjustment is made by trained staff, the patient can put on and take off the MeropeStyle® VarioRest® knee brace him-/herself. The 3-part knee brace is available in a straight (0°)  version, 40, 50 or 60 cm in length.


  • Sprain
  • Knee surgery
  • Meniscus suture


  • Stabilises the leg in a 0° position
  • Adjustable to any leg shape
  • Easy to put on using Velcro closures
  • The brace can be fully opened
  • Storage-friendly
  • Ecotest-certified, skin-friendly material

Circumference/Order Sizes:

0° – 3 parts

OS21040 Small 50 cm rechts und links 70 cm 60 cm
OS21050 Medium 50 cm rechts und links 78 cm 62 cm

The wings are flexibly adjustable to the individual dimensions of the patient’s thigh and lower leg.

TC: Upper leg circumference
CC: Calf circumference
KC: Knee circumference