MeropeStyle® – Surgical Shoe

In order to enhance rapid healing and minimize pain following foot surgeries, the affected foot needs to be protected from compression and jolts. This also applies to the treatment of other indications like diabetic ulcerations (gangrenes), which involves both immobilisation and protection of the affected area. In such cases protected mobilisation of the patient requires more than a bandage. The MeropeStyle® Trauma Post OP shoe is both water-resistant and breathable. Its soft padding protects the foot from compression or jolts.


The MeropeStyle® Verband -und Reha Schuh allows for postoperative mobilisation of the patient whilst relieving the pain to a maximum extent. The solid and shock-absorbing roll-off sole provides for optimal relief of the foot and at the same time for safe walking. The shoe can be adjusted to any bandage dimension using Velcro closures.

The shoe can be fully opened and is therefore easy to put on and take off. Three Velcro closures allow for adjustment to the dimensions of the bandage and for solid fixation to the foot.


  • Bandage splint
  • Following forefoot or midfoot surgery
  • After injuries or fractures of the toe
  • Treatment of diabetic feet
  • Painful deformity and swelling of the foot
  • Early postoperative mobilisation


  • Reliable protection against compression or jolts
  • Enhances postoperative mobility
  • Easy to put on using Velcro closures
  • Infinitely adjustable to varying bandage dimensions
  • The shoe can be fully opened
  • Flexible, water-resistant and breathable
  • Available singly
  • Ecotest-certified, skin-friendly material

Circumference/Order Sizes:

ART Nr Grösse Innenlänge Schuhgröße
OG47001 Frauen – Small 22,5 cm 34 EU
OG47002 Frauen – Medium 24,0 cm 36 EU
OG47003 Frauen – Large 26,0 cm 39 EU
OG47004 Männer – Small 26,0 cm 39 EU
OG47005 Männer – Medium 27,5 cm 41 EU
OG47006 Männer – Large 29,5 cm 44 EU
OG47007 Männer – XLarge 31,0 cm 46 EU

Position both feet on a sheet of paper and outline their silhouette.
Measure the foot length of both feet from A to B in cm.

Device No: